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Welcome to Hugoland, Hugo's world !
This website shows some of Hugo's projects in videogames, geology and programmation (APIs, etc.).
The most important part of it is about his French Minecraft multiplayer role play server.
The whole website was made by Hugo using PHP, HTML and CSS, there is no pre-made software (CMS).

Real time status of Hugoland websites and servers : click here to see Hugoland Circuit Breakers (page inspired by Jurassic Park).

You can discover the website and its parts, with links, by scrolling down or by using the menu which is to the left.

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Minecraft RP server

The reason I created this website is to present my project of Minecraft server. Then I expanded the content present on the website.
I started the MC server for the first time the 31st of August 2012. I was the only active member, except a few people I knew who came to the server to see what I was doing and/or to build their small houses, then next year, in 2013, several people have been invited there and we started to do real multiplayer. We built cities. Then in 2016 we added mods to the game and we changed the gameplay to have a real role-play server.
We survived seven years because of the complicity members always had.
Presentation of the server, screenshots and links to the Panel and especially to the Wiki, in
the right page of this website. (I've still to translate it...)

Zoo Tycoon 2

Just after Minecraft, the second reason to create a website was Zoo Tycoon 2.
I play this game for more than ten years. In fact this game is awesome because we can do what we want. It's also very easy to mod (to add extra content to the game - create entities).
In reality I don't usually build zoos on Zoo Tycoon 2. I use it to build various sorts of buildings like cities, military bases, buildings with special architecture, etc. I also do investigation/action videos on YT: with soldiers and secret organizations. That's what we call "machinimas" that's to say movies/series whose the film sets are in a video game instead of in real life.
I also make a lot of mods for the game. You can download a lot of them from this website.
You can find them in
the right page of this website.

Yeah, welcome to Zoo Tycoon 2 !

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Here you can see a quizz about civil airplanes, FSX screenshots and images/plans/explainations about a DIY project of building my own flight simulator cockpit in actual size using as much material recovery as I can.
My favourite airplaine is the Boeing 737-800.

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